34 Years

I arrived in Japan 34 years ago today, Halloween day, 1983.

I was digging around trying to find photos from exactly then, but I couldn’t find any photos from the arrival week. They might be here somewhere.

But these were taken in my first apartment, in “Exotic Kamata.”


Halloween 1988

And now for a flashback to more than a quarter century ago. Here are some pictures from a big Halloween party at my apartment in Musashi Nitta, near the Tama River, in 1988 while working at Fujitsu.

I like to think I started the tradition of Halloween celebrations in Japan with my first rooftop Halloween party in 1984, in “Exotic Kamata.” After the party, we walked to the station in costume and passersby were very surprised. One poor high school student was so shocked he fell over! Fortunately he was laughing afterwards.

Does anybody recognize themselves from these 1988 photos?

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Happy Halloween – and the anniversary of me coming to Japan

Happy Halloween everybody.

Today also marks the 29th anniversary of the day I arrived in Japan – Halloween 1983. I guess I might as well stick around and go for an even 30 years, don’t you think?

I can’t believe how quickly time has gone. And how things have changed.

The Tokyo of 1983 seems almost like a different era in many ways. I have come to think of it as the Golden Age of Tokyo – pre-bubble-burst, so much new activity going on, a lot more of the old still mixing with the new, all the exciting technologies we now take for granted just starting to show their first possibilities. I’m starting to sound like an old person, remembering things which are gone and changed and how it “used to be.”

But I’m glad I was here then, and still glad I am here. As for the future…? I can see returning to U.S. sometime, or maybe living part of the year there and part of the year here.

Halloween, and then Thanksgiving through the Christmas holidays are more interesting in the U.S. But for the New Year holiday week, nothing beats Japan.

And of course I wouldn’t want to miss cherry blossom season in Japan.

Then maybe go back to the U.S. for Independence Day festivities?

Still lots to look forward to I think!