Pao, Sakura starting to bloom, Sky Tree along the Nakagawa

During this morning’s walk. The weather was chilly but beautiful. During the same course in the afternoon, Pao ate a snack from the hands of a two year old who thought it was funny. He’s very gentle with little kids. He also ran after a ball that a little boy kicked and they both thought it was amusing.

Pao’s curious about passersby on the road by the river sidwalk.
More sakura are blooming each morning. Maybe they’ll be in full bloom in another 10 days or so – a record early bloom for Tokyo.
Pao likes climbing the steps to decks that are along the river.
Pao looking down from the deck to the lower river sidewalk. We haven’t walked there yet.
Leaving the deck, with the Sky Tree in the distance and beautiful reflections in the river.

Pao during this morning’s river walk

We walked by the Nakagawa this morning. Just some photos to share.

The cherry blossoms have started to bloom.
This is actually from yesterday. Pao sees the river for the first time.
Pao is mastering steps now.
Happily skipping along.
Just a nice portrait of Pao by the riverside walk.
At the park on the way home – Pao discovers water faucets.

Giving in on a crate

I’m going to relent and give into multiple suggestions that people have given about a crate (basically a cage) for now.

Because of the set up of my house, it’s not possible to take Pao out as frequently as some people suggest. Some people are lucky and can just open a back door and let their dog out in the garden for a quick toilet break.

Plus, because of obligations, there are simply times when I have to be away for as long as six hours at a time on some days. So I’m afraid I have no choice but to ease him into it. I can’t expect him to hold it in for six hours. Not at 3 1/2 months of age.

So I have to have some reliable way of having him also go indoors in an emergency when he needs it for the time being. But not go all over the dining room like he started to do now.

It was working almost perfectly before he could get out of the fenced area.

Pao’s fenced area – to be replaced by a “crate”

He would basically always go in the puppy toilet. Since he has more freedom to roam he’s not doing that anymore, for the most part. So I think I have to try the cage/crate to see if I can at least confine him to a similar area as before and get him back to good behavior.

Given the set up of my house, I don’t see how I have any other choice.

It’s a little sad, because he likes greeting and saying goodbye to people at the door via the staircase, and sometimes sleeping on the staircase. And he can can also keep an eye on things from the staircase. But for sanity’s sake I need to restrict him more for now if he’s going to stay here. The stress has become unbelievable.

I’m ordering a Ritchell wooden cage with a sliding door and an optional roof that’s 150 cm wide and 80 cm depth and 70 cm tall and see if that works. That’s taller than the previous fence, a little less wide, and the same depth. I’m going to get rid of the fence and try that.

You can get an optional divider for it, so I can also at the same time, after I get over this first hump, do what many suggest and stop him from using the toilet area during certain hours.

And continue with walks.

If I’m still alive.

Pao at the pet clinic today

Today I took Pao over to the pet clinic for something which turned out to be nothing. He also got his nails trimmed since he was there. He’s 3 months and 1 week old now, and weight 9.75 kg today.

It was our furthest walk together so far.

It’s uncanny how Pao can pretend to be such a good boy in front of other people. He sat in the office, he gently licked people who were sitting there waiting, he didn’t jump all over the place, he didn’t bite. Everybody he met said what a good boy he is, and so quiet! Riiight. Why can’t he act like that at home?

The doctor gave a lot of vague advice about better control of where he takes a pee. Right now he sometimes does it in the puppy toilet, sometimes in front of the toilet, sometimes in some other place, and he’s not peed outside even once yet. He waits til we get home and dashes to the puppy toilet and does it there.

The vet’s advice was that it all comes down to if he’s doing it in the right place and you see him doing it within 10 seconds praise him, if he’s doing in the wrong place and you see it within 10 seconds scold him, and if it’s more than 10 seconds don’t bother saying anything at all because he won’t know what you’re talking about.

I think after all the recommendations I’ve heard, videos I’ve seen, and books and web sites I’ve read, that sounds about right.