Special diet milestones

It’s a special milestone day for me. At 88.8 kg I broke the 90 kg barrier and I am at my lowest weight since I started logging with MFP (MyFitnessPal) 2,632 days ago. As of today, I have lost a total of 40.2 kg = 88.4 lb.

Since recommitting to WFPB (whole food plant based) in September, after reading Dr. Greger’s “How Not to Die,” I’m down 22.6 kg = 49.7 lb. In fact, I would say that all my 40.2 kg = 88.4 lb have been lost while sticking to WFPB.

I’ve had ups and downs over the last 2,632 days, but MFP daily logging has kept me from total rebounds each time. And calorie counting has kept me sane. I know some people can lose weight without tracking net calories (calories eaten minus exercise calories) but I definitely need to track calories, no matter the diet regimen. Calories count whether you count them or not.

Recently, with some trepidation, I lowered my daily calorie goal from net 1800 to net 1540 because my weight loss had slowed too much. I’m not trying to loss rapidly, but I would like to lose at a reasonable rate, like 0.5 kg/week. What convinced me to make that change was that I see after I reach goal I should be able to eat more every day and still maintain my lower weight. So I think this is long-term sustainable. And I walk as much as possible, tracking with MapMyRun, to have an extra “calorie buffer” if I need it.

Importantly I’m eating in a way so that I don’t feel deprived. I am being more conscious of filling, satisfying “lower calorie density” foods. I’m following the suggestion of Chef AJ and others to “sequence” meals so I start with lower calorie density vegetables and then finish off my meals with a satisfying starch. For example, for breakfast this morning I started with a big bowl of salad (mixed greens and tomatoes with homemade dressing), then went on to 300 g of frozen veggies simmered in water with spices and nutritional yeast, boiling it down to a tasty, thick, cheesy-like sauce. And then I might have a potato afterwards. Just a little over 300 calories for breakfast. No “intermittent fasting” is needed at all.

I eat WFPB for my health. My cholesterol, blood sugar, blood pressure, etc, are all fantastic now.

But here is the amazing part for me, and what I’m really psyched about, having been obese for so long. Recently, according to my BMI, I moved from the obese range to the overweight range. That was great. But I noticed today that to get into the so-called “normal weight” range I only need to lose another 13.4 kg! It sounds better in kg. 🙂 That seems absolutely amazing to me!

And onward…


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  1. I love your commenting about your whole food plant-based lifestyle. Years ago, I made some comments about this on your blog. Both you and I are following the same thing. I too have gained weight, by returning home for a few years, and I am surrounded by their poor choices I’ll be at tempting foods like pizza and junk food. Although I eat vegan, junk food is just as easy without meat or dairy.

    I realize I have to get away from this environment, so I sold my house, bought an RV, put solar on the roof, and air conditioner inside, and myself and my dogs are about ready to head off on the road.

    Your comments and blogs about your weight loss, are received well. I use your life story as a reminder that healthy choices can be done. That people like us need to share our stories and stick together.

    Thank you for your continued blogging about your health journey.

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