Radiation in water from reactor 2 jumps to 10 million times normal — 3 Comments

  1. It’s like they scared everybody into first thinking it was 10 million times, so now everybody can sigh in relief and say, “Thank heavens it’s just 100,000 times.”doug

  2. It’s a sad state of affairs yet this is to be expected. TEPCO was pouring and continues to pour tons of water onto radioactive components in an open loop. This water has to go somewhere. Well, it’s going to the lowest points of the facility and then into the ocean.Pumping it to the condensor suggests that they’re trying to create a closed-loop system with the condensor acting as a heat exchanger (akin to the radiator in an automobile). This will allow the contaminated water to be cooled by seawater as per “normal”. The former will circulate and pick up heat in the RPV and spent fuel pool. This heat will then be transferred to the seawater flowing on the other side of the condensor. As long as the condensor has no tube leaks, the warm sea water discharging into the sea should not be radioactive (until it comes into contact with the isotopes already floating around out there.

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