Pao is a good boy, a needy boy, a clever boy, and growing quickly

Pao gets a bit hysterical and needy at times. I guess that’s to be expected since he’s just 46 days old. Most of the time it’s because he’s either hungry or wants attention. I tell him, “Pao, patience makes the perfect puppy.”

(Pause to feed Pao since he’s giving his “I’m starving to death” cry…)

In this video, he is upset because I need to go run some errands. By the time I got downstairs though, I checked on my webcam and he was quiet and in bed.

When I got back we played and I gave him a towel to chew on instead of my shirt.

When I went out again to visit Dave he was sprawled out and relaxing, and I gave him some extra food. No histrionics this time. Whew. I checked in frequently on the webcam and he was calm the whole time – until he heard me unlock the door when I got back. Something to keep in mind!

Here’s Pao’s personal corner, with his bed, toys, and puppy toilet. He’s doing amazingly well with the toilet. I would say he properly gets his poops in the toilet 99% of the time and pees oh, maybe 85% of the time. And he has never once gone on me. If he needs to go to the toilet he whimpers a certain way and I take him over. He’ll often wake up, get out of bed, stroll over to the toilet, use it, and stroll back to bed. Good boy!

And if you are wondering whether a 46 day old puppy can use a computer trackpad, including clicking and scrolling, the answer is yes. He still seems a bit confused though about whether the screen is touch capable or not.

Here Pao is looking all innocent after an exciting morning.

He’s gaining weight quickly. I hope this trend isn’t linear! These are in kilograms.

  • 12/28 1.3 (on my food scale)
  • 12/29 1.44
  • 12/30 1.48
  • 12/31/2019 1.56
  • 1/1/2020 1.69
  • 1/2/2020 1.76
  • 1/3/2020 1.86
  • 1/4/2020 2.0 (at the vet)
  • 1/6/2020 2.2 kg ( began weighing on my scale)
  • 1/7/2020 2.4 kg
  • 1/8/2020 2.6 kg
  • 1/10/2020 2.8 kg

We have a contest going where people are guessing how much Pao will weigh on November 26, 2020 – his first birthday. So far there are 24 entries with guesses ranging from 3.64 kg to 35 kg. So who knows?

Whew. He’s taking a nap again…

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