My opinion of 9/11 deniers

Let me get something off my chest about “9/11 deniers” – people who say the whole day was a coverup for a U.S. or Zionist or some other plot. In a word, I find them repugnant.

They are just as bad as holocaust deniers. I just “unfriended” one of these hate-mongers on Facebook.

These people post factually wrong statements and then say, “How can 9/11 be true if xyz,” where xyz is just completely made up!

It’s ignorant at best. If these people are truly “skeptics” why aren’t they skeptical about the nonsense assumptions they post? They don’t care about what is true at all.

Beside being an assault on common sense, it is extremely disrespectful of the thousands of people who were killed that day by al-Qaeda terrorists.

I really wish these people would stop and consider what it means to be open-minded versus just delusional.


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