Meet Monta-kun!

Meet Mon’s new friend, Monta!

Monta is a 2 year old, extremely tame male cinnamon java sparrow someone needed to find a new home (and potential spouse) for. So I went and picked him up today.

Coincidentally his name is almost the same as Mon! He has an extra kanji at the end of his name – the “ta” in Taro (太), commonly used in boys names.

In Japanese:

Mon = モン
Monta = モン太

Since he is male he can sing and has some quite interesting vocalizations that are in some ways similar to and some ways very different from Hao’s song. I’ll post a video with his song soon.

Mon and Monta are still getting used to each other, so I’ll keep them in separate cages tonight. Monta is extremely curious about the house and has been checking everything out. But he always flies back to me, even though we just met hours ago.

Look forward to more posts, pictures and movies of Monta and Mon together!







Meet Monta-kun! — 5 Comments

  1. OH DOUG!

    He is absolutely gorgeous! He’s just slightly Pied, so you could get some PURE birds out of this situation! I bet Mon likes her new husband and before you know it, you’ll be seeing more eggies.

    You got very lucky Doug!


  2. Hi, Nancy. Not sure what Pied means. At any rate, one parent was white and the other parent was cream. They are bred to look this way. 🙂


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