Major weight milestone

As of this morning, I broke the 80 kg barrier, and my weight is 79.8 kg = 176 lb.

I’ve looked through old records and blog posts going back years and this apparently matches the lowest weight I’ve ever been at in my entire adult life, which was in January, 2007, briefly, before I started a long stall and eventual rebound.

My total weight loss is now 49.2 kg = 108.5 lb.

It also marks a 70 lb loss since recommitting to WFPB a year ago September after reading Dr. Greger’s, “How Not to Die.”

And it’s MyFitnessPal streak day 2,804.

To get to a normal BMI I need to lose just another 4.4 kg = 9.7 lb.

You might recall I was frustrated about a long stall in the 82 kg range. Eventually things just started moving again. I’m not sure exactly why. It could be partly due to eating more calorie dense foods like potatoes for breakfast, and having lighter calorie meals for dinner (though still lots of volume). I haven’t really increased exercise at all. It might also have to do with getting a new puppy. Thanks, Pao!

Anyway, after the stall I moved swiftly through the 81s and 80s, and broke into the 79s this morning.

Since I’m not feeling deprived at all, and not really worried anymore about how long it takes, I’m thinking I finally found a sustainable way of keeping weight off. Time passes whether you’re eating healthily or not, so you might as well continue to eat a healthy diet and not worry about the speed of weight loss.

For me, I’m sticking with healthy WFPB (whole food plant based) eating, which means mostly vegan foods, no oils, extremely limited nuts, tracking calories in MyFitnessPal (I really do need to do that, some people don’t), no intermittent fasting, limited added sugar and salt, lots of healthy vegetables, including potatoes and salads and other satisfying things, keeping to the low end of the calorie density chart, and moderate exercise.

I’m still thinking of taking up resistance training to build upper torso strength and some muscles, more for increased metabolism and arm strength than anything else. It might help in getting these last pounds off, which are in my stomach.

And onward!


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