Made it back from visiting Chako — 6 Comments

  1. Those “Elizabethan collars” are actually known as “satellite collars” in usual veterinary parlance. Did Chako look at all pleased to see you?

  2. That may not mean much. The cat who was coming around to our house in the 1990s to receive food was very angry with me when she was returned to our home after I trapped her to have her neutered and aborted (she was already pregnant) simultaneously. (The vet told me it is actually easier for her to perform a hysterectomy simultaneously with an abortion than the two separately.) When the cat was let out of the cage in front of our genkan, she hissed and ran across the street and was almost hit by a car. But she returned the next day and started thereafter to find various ways to get into our house (through open windows, through open spots in our kateiguchi, etc.) We eventually gave in and kept her. She was actually quite useful, as she caught and killed all rodents that entered our garden.

  3. He would prefer a black cat and preferably a kitten. Moreover, if she is not the type who wants to be petted and cuddled, I am afraid it might be hard to find a taker for her. Those of us who love cats usually love them because they purr when we stroke and cuddle up to us.

    What’s happening with her remaining kittens?

  4. I see one skittling around behind my house and my neighbor says she has seen all the three remaining ones. But they are big enough to somehow fend for themselves now and since the day I took photos they’ve never come back up my stairs. So, realistically speaking, they are basically not available.


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