Kon’nyaku with miso paste — 4 Comments

  1. Looks interesting but, according to info found by googling, it’s not vegan since the calcium hydroxide or oxide calcium used is extracted from eggshells. That said, I’d probably eat it – heck, I’d probably eat almost anything with miso on it – LOVE miso. If I wanted to purchase kon’nyaku, what part of the market should I look in – refrigerated, frozen, produce…?

  2. It might be vegan. I didn’t see anything in the ingredients that mentioned calcium hydroxide or oxide calcium. I can call the manufacturer to ask.

    In my supermarket it’s in the refrigerated produce section, next to the tofu.


  3. I called the manufacturer and it’s ok! There is calcium hydroxide in it but it does not come from egg shells. It is extracted from rocks! The product is 100% vegan. And the miso is a nice hot-mustard-vinegar.


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