Indecisions: I keep flipping back and forth between low-cal and low-carb

There is an interesting, but very long (72 minutes!) lecture by Gary Taubes, a science writer for the New York Times and the author of “Good Calories, Bad Calories.” If you have the patience to watch it all, it’s interesting. 


I keep on swinging back and forth between low-fat/low-cal and the low-carb theory. I still can’t find the “just perfect” combination, but if you listen to that lecture you become convinced that scientists have been discovering and rediscovering the effects of carbohydrates on fat gain for almost 100 years now and yet keep on ignoring the conclusions of their own research. 

The only things about his lecture which bothers me are: 

1. He never returns to his original slide showing the huge takeoff of obesity in the U.S. starting in the 70s to explain how it all fits in. 

2. He doesn’t really explain how countries, like Japan, with a relatively low percent of obese people are ok on extremely high-carbohydrate diets (loads of rice) and generally very low fat. Maybe that works because of the low amount of fat for the insulin to metabolize? 

My own diet was getting out of control,  so to get appetite under control (I think everybody will at least agree that certain carbs stimulate appetite) I’ve been doing carb restrictions since 12/26. 

What this means is that I’m having very few carbs, but lots of fats (butter, mayo, olive oil), macadamia nuts, chicken with the skin on, fatty meat and fish and cheese. Just a few vegetables and no fruits. 

Since the 26th my cumulative weight change has been: 

12/26 start 
12/27 -0.9 lb 
12/28 -2.2 lb 
12/29 -3.1 lb 
12/30 -3.1 lb 
12/31 -4.4 lb 
1/1 -5.7 lb 

So what to make of this? 

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