I’m moving into unity mode

While I enjoyed the give and take between the Clinton and Obama campaigns as much as anybody, I sense that the time has arrived when all of us should be moving towards unity, and begin looking towards November.

Whatever happens in South Carolina tomorrow, I think the general sense of things is that Clinton is ahead and will most likely garner enough support on Super Tuesday so that even if the nomination is not locked by February 5th, that Hillary will have enough momentum to make it clear that everybody should start consolidating their support around her, and begin the process of healing campaign wounds.

I think a lot of racial and gender issues, which always lie beneath the surface, bubbled to the top over the last couple of weeks. And everybody let off some steam. I’m hoping it was like a lover’s quarrel, and that afterwards everybody can move forward with a more honest, and better understanding of each other.

I think Hillary is a better candidate. I think she is more experienced, has a better position on the issues I am most concerned about (such as universal health insurance) and is incredibly smart. I don’t think Obama is a horrible person by any means. Maybe he would even make a great running mate – time will tell.

In the meantime, I hope we can start moving towards unity.


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