Free Amazon Prime!

Amazon customer service sure is customer friendly. A bit bumbling, but customer friendly.

Recently I did an Amazon Prime one month free trial, after which they would bill me $99.

During the trial they had a one day promo where Prime would cost just $72. Since I was in the middle of the trial I emailed and asked if I could sign up for that.

They told me they would refund the $27 difference after I was billed the $99.

When I saw I had not been refunded the $27 I emailed them yesterday and they said they would refund it within 2 business days.

Today when I logged in I saw that my Prime account had been canceled.

So I emailed them again and asked them to reinstate the Prime account.

They emailed back and apologized and said they refunded the other $72 and asked me to sign up again at $99 and then use a special link they gave me which would credit me back the $99 and thus give me one year free Amazon Prime.

A bit convoluted, but free is free.

Of course as they say in Japan ただより高いものはない。


Free Amazon Prime! — 3 Comments

  1. I have become a big fan of Amazon prime, it’s surprising how many things I can get there that I can’t find locally. Just recently I bought a part for my pool cleaner that wasn’t in stock at my local major-chain pool store AND it cost less on Amazon.

    The downside of course is that between Amazon, the big box stores, and Walmart it’s just about impossible to have success as a small retailer. That’s making the downtown area of most of our local cities pretty barren these das.

  2. It’s rare I would actually order something from Amazon in the U.S. though. Usually I would order from Amazon Japan – but the the Prime accounts are different here.

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