My favorite article about Hillary Clinton

Since we are hot into the 2016 election cycle already (says Doug, while everybody else is asking, “What election?”) I again want to share my favorite New York Times article about Hillary Clinton.

I think it’s definitely worth a read. She has always been an impressive woman with a fascinating background.

A small snippet from the article:

As the nation boiled over Vietnam, civil rights and the slayings of two charismatic leaders, Ms. Rodham was completing a sweeping intellectual, political and stylistic shift. She came to Wellesley as an 18-year-old Republican, a copy of Barry Goldwater’s right-wing treatise, “The Conscience of a Conservative,” on the shelf of her freshman dorm room. She would leave as an antiwar Democrat whose public rebuke of a Republican senator in a graduation speech won her notice in Life magazine as a voice for her generation.


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