Forgot an English word… should I worry?

Ever have one of those times when you know a foreign language word for a common thing, you can see the thing, you know what the thing is, but for the life of you you can’t remember the English word?

In the supermarket today I saw a fruit and knew it was あんず (anzu). I knew what it was. I knew what it was called in Japanese. I knew it was a common fruit. I’ve eaten them before in the U.S. and in Japan. I know I knew the English word. It was not an unusual word. But I just could not recall it all day.

I thought if I didn’t try hard to remember it would eventually come to me. Finally it was bothering me and I looked it up in Google Translate – apricot. Of course.

But how could I forget the English word and remember just the Japanese word? It feels really … weird.

Is something happening to my brain?


Forgot an English word… should I worry? — 4 Comments

  1. Nope, after 30 years you’ve turned Japanese, for which I envy you no end. Anyway, “anzu” is way cooler sounding than Apricot! Well done you!

  2. Normal 50s Dementia. I do it quite often. Of course not the foreign language part, just normal words. My husband and I laugh about it because I’ll remember at 2 am and I’ll tap him on the shoulder, tell him the word and he’ll say “Oh yeah!”.

    It’s kind of funny. So now you are old like me!

  3. What Nancy said – welcome to the world of us older folks.

    I like to envision my memory as a huge, Raiders-Of-The-Lost-Ark type warehouse. With the passing of years the warehouse has to hold more and more stuff, so it’s not too surprising that a small thing like a particular word might be temporarily misplaced.

  4. I think I prefer Rosalie’s reply (that after 30 years I’ve turned Japanese) to “50’s dementia.” 🙂


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