Flipboard, Zite and Google Currents – a breakthrough week for mobile news aggregators

I think it’s somewhat of a breakthrough week in greatly enhancing the fun and usability of iPhones and iPads. 

Flipboard, Zite and Google Currents have all released versions for the iPhone. In particular, this has been a long desired development for iPhone users of Flipboard and Zite. Until now, only iPad versions were available. Google Currents is newer than the other two and released its iPad/iPhone app at the same time.

Anyway, these are basically news/magazine aggregators . But they are really good aggregators –  at the top of their class. I keep trying to decide which I like best. Flipboard has their cool “flipping” effect. But mostly I go for Zite because of the way it learns what you like to read, so every time I pick it up I find the content more and more interesting. (Note: Try to read articles in different sections sometimes, otherwise Zite can start thinking you are obsessed with just one topic.)

I used to only reach for my iPad occasionally. Now I use it every day – usually more than once a day – mostly for these apps. I still believe the iPad is more of a consuming device than a producing device. But it’s an interesting consuming device.

The fact these apps now also work on the iPhone make them even more useful. If you enjoy reading news, I think you would enjoy these apps.

Note to my mother, relatives and friends in their 80s and 90s (and you know who you are): If you have an iPad, please do go to the iTunes store and at least install Flipboard and Zite. They are the two easiest to use, are free, and I think you would get a kick out of them.



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  1. Nonsense! Just dive right in!What do you usually use a computer for? Is it mostly just email?doug

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