Diet – truths and myths — 6 Comments

  1. I can’t disagree with your bottom line – in my experience as well, losing weight is all about eating less.

    One of the problems for any diet plan is that different people have different metabolisms. Jeanne can be satisfied all morning with a high-carb food like corn flakes, while while that same breakfast just makes me want more food an hour later.

    The only thing I have found that works consistently for me is to diligently document what I eat and stay within a budget.

  2. I do diligently log everything, using MyFitnessPal. Today is day 1,342. Things would have been worse without continually tracking.

  3. Thanks guys.

    I’m sticking with steamed veggies for lunch, a mandarin early AM (with meds), and a Granny apple at ten.

    Lost 2 kg’s last month, probably just because being conscious about what we are talking about here.

    Eating Spaghetti with meatballs tonight, simply, because that dish is so quick n easy to make.

    No more. No more meatballs in fridge either.

  4. Energy is only a concept, a property. Energy , itself, is not anything. It is merely a very abstract and nebulous mathematical construct. Nothing is “made of energy.”

    Calories are not ANYTHING. Setting foods on fire and having this big flame heating up the water atop has nothing at all to do with human cellular respiration. HORRIBLE ANALOGUE.

    Fat tissue is made of ATOMS. ATOMS cannot be burned off or burned away or melted. Calories (merely a property, a comcept, nothing more) have NOTHING to do with the causal physical mechanisms of what puts MATTER (tissue bone etc.)g on a human body, nor what causes the loss of matter.

    Many doctors cannot even grasp this.

  5. Fire is Not energy. Photons are NOT energy. Rather, these things HAVE the PROPERTY of energy. It is WRONG to say burning calorie causes matter loss. That expression does not even make scientific sense. Calorie or
    CONCEPT deficits have NOTHING to do with how,fat tissue is lost.

    We need to lose,the talk of IRRELEVAMT things confusing the public. FORGET “CALORIES”. Energy is a PROPERTY and CANNOT be converted into ANYTHING that is not energy. Fat tissue is MATTER. NOT A SI GLE person EVER ate a calorie, nor did a single calorie EVER trun into tissue….. Calories do,not,exist in reality and are NOT how this works.

    Energy itself is NOT ANYTHING as FEYNMAN NOTED. Energy and matter are as different as toasters and kangaroos.

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