Deliveries in Japan

I think delivery services in Japan are overall much better than they are in the U.S. Like not even close.

For ordinary mail left at the post office you can count on your mail being delivered the next day within Tokyo.

And the various express delivery services are pretty amazing.

And why did I think of this all of a sudden?

I placed an order at Uniqlo over the weekend and got email overnight saying it had been shipped.

It included a link to the particular delivery service they chose (Yamato). I clicked on the link and could see a trail of where it’s been and where it’s currently at. Also I had requested a morning delivery time.

That’s not unusual I guess compared with FedEx in the U.S. But it goes one step further. The online information not only tells me it is already out for delivery, it also gives me the driver’s cell phone number! I was able to call him and he let me know it would be delivered within the hour, so I know I should wait and hold off on some errands until afterwards.

My friends in St. Louis are often complaining about packages just being left (and sometimes missing), and not even requiring a signature. Here they always require a signature. And if you happen not to be there the re-delivery system is automated and usually you can get it redelivered the same day if you happen to be out.

Are there any delivery services in the U.S. which give you the driver’s phone number like this, so you can check on the delivery and personally adjust the time to work around your morning schedule?



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