Brief update from Japan

Some people were asking how things are here.

In brief – they are expecting cold shut-down of the Fukushima reactors, maybe sometime around New Years.

In Tokyo life has pretty much returned to what they call “a new normal.” Things are still very bad up north. But great strides have been made in cleanup. The shinkansen is running all their old routes as of last week I believe.

The fallout evacuation areas, the impact on evacuees and the wide swath of devastated agriculture regions remain major problems.



Brief update from Japan — 3 Comments

  1. Doug, I read in the US newspapers that there are protests in Japan against nuclear energy. Is it true and how much protest is there? Love Muttle

  2. Muttle,There was a large protest about a week ago – maybe 70,000 people or so in Tokyo. I didn’t know about it until it was over. There is strong anti-nuclear sentiment in Japan now.doug

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