A note on music sound quality for iPhone and iPad users thinking of a Nexus 7 – the Nexus 7 speakers aren’t great — 1 Comment

  1. Additional note on earplugs: I did find an additional setting beyond Settings > Sound > Volumes > Music, video games & other media.

    (By the way, the above setting gets reset every time you plug in or unplug a headset.)

    The additional setting is just the volume control on the side of the Nexus 7. When the headset is in and you try to adjust the volume buttons up, you first get a warning about “setting volume too high.” If you “ok” that, you can raise the volume and it sounds like a normally to-be-expected earplug volume via the iPhone earplugs. So that’s a relief.

    I still think (1) the sound isn’t as loud as the maximum on the iPhone 5 (on the iPhone 5 I can’t bear to listen to the maximum sound, but can easily do so with the Nexus 7) and (2) the sound quality seems better on the iPhone 5. Maybe “something got lost in translation” via the Google Music Player.

    But the iPhone earplugs do work, and it does provide better sound quality than the rather tinny speakers.


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