Thinking about getting a new iPad because, why not? — 4 Comments

  1. FYI, I recently just did this with Softbank as well (but went for the Pro model). Be sure to consider putting this on your iPhone’s shared plan because it means you can take advantage of the free Amerika Hodai free usage within the US when traveling there. Great, great value if you don’t do it already.

  2. I ended up getting the non-pro iPad 5th generation model. And I did get Softbank’s with data share with my iPhone 7 Plus, and also confirmed beforehand that the America Houdai could be used with the iPad. I used America Houdai on my last trip and it truly was “houdai” with no slowdown, as promised.

    I decided not to go for the Pro model because honestly, I can’t imagine I’ll be using it for real work, and the cost difference is substantial.

    I am interested in maybe getting a keyboard case just for fun though. Logicool seems to have a nice one, but I can’t find it listed in Japan yet. There are also some lower-cost keyboard cases for as low as 2,900 yen advertised.

    With trade in of my old iPad Air, the difference in monthly cost compared to buying the wi-fi only model with a no-interest 24 month loan from Apple ended up being just 300 yen/month (2,400 yen vs 2,100 yen). So it was a no-brainer.

    I still wonder if maybe I should’ve gotten the Pro. But I’ve never used my iPad that much to begin with, and I definitely won’t use the Apple Pencil, so I think the lower cost model was worth it. And it’s two CPU generations ahead of the old iPad Air, which was also starting to show dead pixels.

  3. yeah, that was the main reason I opted for the Pro was to be able use the pencil. I still haven’t gotten into the habit yet, but I need to research note taking apps. I wanted to stay away from they keyboard just to maintain the simplicity and slimness of the iPad and I prefer a laptop for the heavy lifting. But I have read about keyboards quite a bit and I gather than in terms of usage and functionality (not to mention tactile feel etc), its hard to beat the actual Apple brand keyboard for the iPad.

  4. At any rate, for sure I want to try one and feel how heavy it is before purchasing. But I also don’t really feel like “accessorizing” a device that’s supposed to be so portable.

    I need a case of some kind though.

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