At the airport

I’m at St. Louis airport now waiting for my flight. I’m pre-screened so zipped through security. Because of a seat mixup on my Tokyo flight, and me questioning it, they moved me to a seat with more legroom, nobody next to me and changed my boarding priority to group 1.

So far so good.

45 years ago today – one small step!

I get a chill just reading about this. I remember exactly where I was that day too. In the middle of the Atlantic Ocean on a ocean liner from Haifa to New York, so we couldn’t watch it on TV! But the ship sounded its whistle, and there was a party on board that night.

In and around Lafayette Park in St. Louis

Lafayette Park forms a beautiful 30 acre anchor for the Lafayette Square neighborhood which surrounds it.

Established by city ordinance in 1851, it is the oldest developed urban park in the Louisiana Purchase territory acquired from France in 1803.

Here are some photos I took this weekend in and around the park during the House and Garden Tour.

It’s the 250th anniversary of St. Louis! These 250th anniversary birthday cakes are in hundreds of spots around St. Louis. Some people are seeing how many they can “capture” with selfies. I have captured just this one, by Lafayette Park.



The St. Louis Perfectos played Vintage Base Ball in the park, according to the rules and customs of the 1860s. Check your local sports media for the results.


Photo Jun 07, 10 05 09 AM Photo Jun 07, 10 00 45 AM

The trolley…


This is the park entrance on Park Avenue, nearest to my house, which is on MacKay, right off of Park.

Photo Jun 07, 9 58 26 AM The Boat House by the lake. And three old cannons from the Revolutionary War. The cannons were donated to Lafayette Park by a veterans group in 1897. Photo Jun 07, 10 05 55 AM Photo Jun 07, 10 06 11 AM Photo Jun 07, 10 06 20 AM


A monument to George Washington. I don’t know why.

Photo Jun 07, 10 06 57 AM


The lake in Lafayette Park. And some nesting swans.Photo Jun 07, 10 07 49 AM Photo Jun 07, 10 08 54 AM Photo Jun 07, 10 09 36 AMA monument to Christopher Columbus. I don’t know why.

Photo Jun 07, 10 10 30 AM Photo Jun 07, 10 11 07 AM Photo Jun 07, 10 11 13 AMThe gazebo.

Photo Jun 07, 10 11 33 AM

The Park House, which serves as an office for the Lafayette Square Restoration Committee.

Photo Jun 07, 10 12 28 AM

Upcoming events.

Photo Jun 07, 10 14 05 AM Photo Jun 07, 10 52 14 AM

Lafayette Square House and Garden Tour Spring 2014

Here are some photos from the Lafayette Square House and Garden Tour yesterday. This is the neighborhood where I own my home.

The event also continues today. Yesterday the whether was on-and-off nice and heavy thunderstorms, with a tornado warning late in the afternoon. The morning was really nice weather though. And today should be nice all day.

2Photo Jun 07, 10 14 10 AM 1Photo Jun 07, 10 16 06 AM 3Photo Jun 07, 10 17 08 AM 4Photo Jun 07, 10 19 43 AMHere are some houses surrounding Lafayette Park:

7Photo Jun 07, 10 52 39 AM 8Photo Jun 07, 10 54 44 AM APhoto Jun 07, 10 57 11 AM 9Photo Jun 07, 10 55 00 AM 5Photo Jun 07, 9 57 15 AM 6Photo Jun 07, 9 57 24 AMI also volunteered as a docent for 2 hours at a house around the corner from my house. I hope Doug was a decent docent.

BPhoto Jun 07, 3 35 05 PM CPhoto Jun 08, 6 43 31 AM