That was one of the biggest earthquakes I’ve felt in a long time

I hope that was it, and not a precursor. I was in the shower and first I heard banging. I thought Pao had come downstairs and was banging on the dining room door wanting something. Then I felt the unmistakable shaking. I opened the bathroom door to the sink area and saw the vanity mirror doors rocking and a big bottle of Listerine looked like it was going to fall down. My thought was, “I hope I don’t have to run outside in the cold with just this towel on.”

Pao was asleep upstairs and came running down. It took about a minute but then started dying down. But I could feel motion for several minutes. He wasn’t barking then, but is now for some reason.

The reports are coming in on the news now. Apparently a Shindo 6 on the Japanese scale of 1 to 7. Shindo 4 here in Tokyo. Magnitude 7.1. Off the coast of Fukushima. Friends are saying their cell phone alarms went off.

I don’t know if there is damage yet, but the news is reporting on it non-stop now. I think my house is ok.

Blue skies after the typhoon

Beautiful blue skies this morning after the typhoon. You can even see Mount Fuji in the distance behind the Sky Tree and all the cables.

Part of a neighbor’s very old roof flew around the neighborhood and landed on my third-floor veranda. It was very light, so fortunately did not cause any damage. I actually passed it to him from my veranda while he was walking along walls behind the house.

Neighbors cleared out their bicycles and plants this morning from my first floor. And I walked around picking up little pieces of that roof that were all over the place. Everything here seems back to normal at the moment.

This cute snail got inside my first floor during the typhoon. This morning I put him out on a neighbor’s plant. He seemed happy.