10 seconds along the Nakagawa at 5:30 pm

I’m still not feeling well, and don’t have my strength back, but I decided I really need to move my body! I can’t let myself get weak by not moving. So when it got a bit cooler I took a bottle of water and forced myself to cycle over to the Nakagawa, just a kilometer away. I didn’t do a full course along the river. Instead I parked my bike by one of the decks and went down by the river and sat for a while. Here’s a 10 second, very quiet video of the river going slowly past. It was peaceful. I stayed until the Katsushika Ward office speakers came on with music telling kids it was time to go home.





First day of autumn bike ride along the Nakagawa and Shin Ninagawa

Today is the autumnal equinox, a national holiday in Japan. And it’s beautiful weather outside. I decided to do a full course bike ride along the Nakagawa and Shin Nakagawa.

First, a view from the Nakagawa, a bit further up the river than from where I usually take photos. You can see the Sky Tree off in the distance. The river is very winding, so the position of the Sky Tree seems to move around as you are riding. Sometimes it’s in front of you, sometimes it’s to your right, sometimes it’s behind you.


About another kilometer ahead, you come to a park, and a sports field. This is also right next to the Katsushika Sports Center.



Just past the sports center, and over a small bridge, you continue along the Nakagawa.


At the end of this path, you come to a small park which is at the junction of the Nakagawa and the Shin Ninagawa.



The rest of these photos were taken along the Shin Nakagawa on the circuitous route back in the direction of my house. The path along the river here is much wider.





A quarter hour before sunset by the river

For the first time in a while (there have been some stressful things going on), I walked down to the river for some exercise. These photos were taken at 6 PM, just 15 minutes before sunset. Today was completely overcast, with occasional rain. But it’s been cooler lately. It was 24°C (75°F) so it was a pleasant walk.

During my last quarterly hospital visit, all my blood tests and vital signs were great, but my doctor said I need to do more, and harder, exercise. He recommended running. Hmm…

I read somewhere that even running for five minutes is good for your health. My question is, does the five minutes have to be all at once?