10 seconds along the Nakagawa at 5:30 pm

I’m still not feeling well, and don’t have my strength back, but I decided I really need to move my body! I can’t let myself get weak by not moving. So when it got a bit cooler I took a bottle of water and forced myself to cycle over to the Nakagawa, just a kilometer away. I didn’t do a full course along the river. Instead I parked my bike by one of the decks and went down by the river and sat for a while. Here’s a 10 second, very quiet video of the river going slowly past. It was peaceful. I stayed until the Katsushika Ward office speakers came on with music telling kids it was time to go home.





From here to…?

Well, I’m going to try a challenge for myself. I’m going to bicycle from my house in Katsushika-ku Higashi Shinkoiwa to the pet clinic in Edogawa-ku Minami Koiwa to check on Chako.

I will be following the turn-by-turn directions in the new Apple Maps. According to Google maps it’s just a 26 minute walk (2.1 km) so it shouldn’t be that far by bicycle.

If you never hear from me again I’m somewhere in Edogawa-ku. Or Katsushika-ku. Or somewhere…