My refrigerator, and a quarter century gone by

What memories. What loyal service. Our relationship has always been a bit, shall I say, cold, but my refrigerator has always been there for me.

I really like this refrigerator. I bought it in the spring of 1988. I had just moved into a large apartment provided for me by Fujitsu. I needed a new, larger refrigerator, and so I sprang for this Fujitsu General model. I still remember shopping for it in Akihabara.

Since then, it’s come along with me on two moves, to two new houses. A constant in the midst of change.

I can’t believe my eyes are actually growing misty at the thought of my refrigerator’s impending demise.

But, after more than 25 years, it seems to be coming to an end.

Maybe it’s the memories of everything that has happened the last 25 years. After all, I was 32 years old when I bought it, and now I’m 57. A generation ago.

I still remember the day it came home. I was so excited. And I remember all the dinners and parties it served over the years.

Even though I never named it, I somehow feel like it’s always had some sort of a personality. A friend always there in the middle of the night. Is that foolish?

It still chills everything just fine, but it’s been growing noisier and noisier by the day. Finally today I called Fujitsu General, and we listened to the sound together. It goes silent when the doors are open, but as soon as you close the freezer or refrigerator door, the large motor sound starts up again.

The tech person confirmed that it’s the fan motor. And, not surprisingly, there no longer exist replacement parts for it.

So now it’s a question of timing. Do I let it run its full course, until the day it dies and scramble for a new refrigerator as things in the freezer start to melt? Or do I start shopping for a new refrigerator now, even while this refrigerator is still breathing its final breaths? It seems somehow disloyal to put it to sleep before it’s ready.

But maybe it is time.



My refrigerator, and a quarter century gone by — 5 Comments

  1. No foolishness! I get attached to non-organic objects also.

    However, in the States, you can’just go into Sears, or whatever store and buy a stove , frig, etc. they don’t keep them in stock. You have to order them and it takes a week. So….part ways and get a new one soon. Unless you can just buy one “off the rack”. 0therwise, let her die with you by her side.

    My Sympathies,


  2. About an hour after my posting she started making horrible noises. I think I know the one I want to replace her with. And they deliver the same day!

    In lieu of flowers, please make a contribution to your favorite charity.


  3. It is indeed odd how we get attached to machinery – Jeanne once cried as we were moving our stuff out of a car we had traded in on a brand new one.

    My experience is that Murphy’s Law applies to appliances just as to everything else – if it’s going to fail it will do so at absolutely the most inconvenient moment. I suggest you do it soon!

  4. Well, I placed the order for a new energy-efficient Toshiba. It’s supposed to arrive today between 6 and 10 PM.


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