My new iPhone 13 Pro – great camera and more — 2 Comments

  1. Doug, do you know what the yellow & pink flower is? Very striking and unusual!

    Have you tried adjusting the focus in macro mode? Is it convenient or cumbersome?

    In the yellow/pink flower photo, the camera clearly focused on the upper tips of the unopened buds in the center, causing all the open blooms to be out of focus. If the focus were readily adjustable, and if you could discern which regions were in focus despite the inevitable reflections on the screen, a good compromise probably would have been focussing a bit farther away.

  2. Sorry for the late reply. I just noticed a bunch of comments today! I love the macro mode. You can just move the lens closer and farther away from different spots to adjust focus. I don’t know what the flowers are. The focus radius is rather small in macro mode. Sort of like a closeup portrait mode. But I’m ok with that. I just focus on the part I’d like to see.

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