How fat am I? — 6 Comments

  1. I’ve never seen a photo of you lower than about mid chest but, you’ve never looked heavy to me. Certainly not obese. Somewhere I read that a plateau is the body getting used to your new weight and creating a new set point. Once that is firmly established the weight will starting coming off again. However, if you are not diabetic, you can jump start continued weight loss with a fast of some kind. I’ve never strayed from the Esselstyn plant-based plan, but I’ve been stuck going up and down the same 4-5 pounds for months. I started doing a 5:2 fast a couple of months ago (Google it) and it resulted in about a 2-pound-per-week weight loss. As of last Wednesday (and with my doctor’s blessing) I am doing a juice fast. I’d like to do a full 60 days but give myself permission to do only 10 or 30, depending on how I’m feeling. Anyway, long story short, since last Wednesday, I’ve dropped 14 pounds! Something to think about.

  2. Well, below mid-chest is a probably where 99% of the remaining weight I have to lose is. 🙂

    Your plan sounds a bit complicated for me to try. I need to do things that I can stick with long-term. You’re not worried that temporarily fasting – basically starving yourself – won’t end up turning into a rebound when you start eating normally again?

    You didn’t mention how many pounds you are trying to lose.

  3. Fasting two days out of seven doesn’t seem complicated to me, but only you know how you would handle that. Twenty-four to 32 hours without food won’t slow your metabolism and after that you eat normally (meaning just back to your regular regimen that you’re eating now, not SAD) the next day. The simple formula is eat, sleep, fast, sleep eat, and Monday and Thursday seem to be the popular fast days. I would like to lose half of my current body weight, but would settle for somewhat less than that. Right now, today, I’m down 70 pounds from my highest ever, that since September 2004, which is way too slow. So, no more fooling around…juice fast (which is surprisingly easy and satisfying, no hunger at all) for at least 30 days, then reevaluate and see what’s next. Only four days in and already feeling different, more energy, sleeping better, sense of well being and, as I said before, already down 14 pounds. I’ve read and researched and I think the science is sound. Once my doctor realized that juice meant home-juiced veggies and not store-bought fruit juices, he was all for it. So…we shall see.

  4. No way to edit my post, so make that phrase…

    …eat, sleep, fast, sleep, eat, and…

  5. I understood what you meant. 🙂

    I hope it works for you. I think we are all different in the kinds of diets we think we can handle!


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