Hillary vs Obama on Universal Health Care

Obama keeps stating that under his health plan people are “free to choose” whether to join or not.

The facts are that under Obama’s plan, the millions of people who freely choose to live without insurance are raising the costs for everybody else. Thus the $4000 per person in his plan vs the $2700 per person in Hillary’s.

Plus the free-riders would end up costing everybody else even MORE money if they end up getting sick or in an accident because they end up going to the emergency room which costs more, and the cost is passed on to everybody else.

In Obama’s plan, he already has mandatory insurance for children. How do you think he is going to enforce that? I know his campaign is based on glossing over the details, but anybody who thinks for a second can see that Obama’s plan requires enforcement as well. He is being totally deceptive about this.

As far as wage garnishings go, that is how social security works now.

This is a question of SHARED RESPONSIBILITY. It is how, in a progressive society, we provide for everybody by having everybody participate.

I detest the way Obama has propagandized against universal health care. His campaign against it shows he is deceiving his supporters and will say anything to try to get elected.

If nothing else, the Democratic party should stand for universal health care. Obama is just plain on the wrong side of this argument.


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