iPhone 7 Plus screen brightness issue update — 6 Comments

  1. I have to say that I don’t think you’re being unreasonable – the difference is obvious. I’m not particularly an Apple person but they certainly have a reputation for building high quality technology and any Apple product I’ve ever used has been very well made.

    I’m more than a little surprised they’re treating you this way, but they wouldn’t be the first manufacturer doomed because they thought they were so far ahead nobody could ever catch up.

  2. While depressing, I am starting to think about my post Apple life if they don’t resolve this.

  3. It may be the environment light sensor, which adapts the screen to the location your in. — I won’t leave apple because phones are now too complicated to fix easily (I am a geek, can swap out screens, batteries, etc and I do for my old iPhones and iPads). Sony, LG, Samsung, and Google simply do not have an easy system for repairing phones or replacing quickly. Many times I had to ship my products away for weeks (and have to use an old crappy phone in the meantime). I still have a box of 20-30 pre-apple phones in a box somewhere. Every product will break. Time and the number of components will guarantee the device will fail. That is when I head to the Apple Store and say “Apple Care.” My sister dropped her iPhone in a swimming pool, and got it replaced for $79 bucks! Amazing.

  4. It might be the light sensor. I don’t know. I think it’s the manufacture of the LCD itself. In any event, they still haven’t managed to find me one that works as advertised, and that’s after three attempts.

  5. You have probably done this, but I’ll mention it anyway. Have you tried to manually adjust the brightness settings? To me, it almost looks like nighttime mode.

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