Why you should be skeptical about #TrustPilot – they block fraud reports

Because of my recent experience with a company committing online fraud – OfficialiPhoneUnlock – (see http://lerner.net/officialiphoneunlock-co-uk-is-a-fraudulent-company-so-beware/) I posted reviews to warn people at some review sites.

One such review site called “TrustPilot” took down my review because I used words like fraud, dishonest, etc. They asked me to rewrite the review.

As I replied to TrustPilot:

In this particular case the company, OfficialiPhoneUnlock, were, in fact, acting fraudulently, were dishonest, and were lying. In fact, I’ve filed an official report with “actionfraud” operated by the UK police.

The purpose in writing my review was to warn others about this company’s clearly fraudulent business.

There really is no other way to express what is factually fraud than to say so.

Other review sites have retained my review. And it’s on my blog as well. So I suppose I will have to be satisfied with that.

I’m rather surprised that you would not want to have a report of out-and-out fraud available to your readers though. I do have documentation to back it up. It surely would be useful for your readers to know.

Well, it’s their site. I can’t force them to post a review. But what this means is that TrustPilot’s reviews are inherently statistically skewed in favor of the merchant, because you cannot report fraud experiences there! So you should be skeptical about the merchant favorability stats there.


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