Why won’t Romney admit he’s wrong about when he left Bain?

Well the answer to that is obvious. A lot of the outsourcing which Bain promoted took place after 1999. So that’s the year Romney wants to disassociate himself from the company.

But in addition to the SEC filing, which contradict Romney, here is a contemporaneous new report from Bloomberg News – from 2001:

Bloomberg News, 2001-08-23 20:16:38.910 GMT, “Bain Capital’s Romney Aims at Politics After Olympics (Update1),” by Randy Whitestone, in the N.Y. newsroom : “W. Mitt Romney is quitting Bain Capital, the $13 billion investment firm he started with $35 million in 1984. The son of a former governor and presidential candidate is going into politics after he completes work helping organize next year’s Salt Lake City Winter Olympics.

Romney will have to readjust to reality. And release more tax returns. And explain his overseas bank accounts. And stop whining that Obama is being mean to him.

In the meantime, the new electoral map has Obama leading in 281 electoral votes, and Romney leading in 191, with 66 electoral votes considered a tossup.

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