Why is it so easy to stay on a diet – yet so hard?

When I’m in a “dieting mood” it seems so easy to stay within my calorie limit. Take today for example. So far I’ve had:

1. A healthy egg salad of two eggs, cucumber, tomato and non-oil dressing.
2. Tenpura udon for lunch.
3. A few ounces of boiled shrimp as a snack.
4. 6 delicious strawberries.
5. A couple of other packages of snacks in the 100 calorie range.

So far a total of just 882 calories, with no feeling of deprivation, and lots of calories still left today for dinner.

Why is it that many days are like today yet all of a sudden one day I fall off the wagon and overeat?

There are so many healthy, delicious, feel-good, satisfying yet low-calorie choices out there!

I don’t understand why I eventually always go off my diet. If every day were like today it would be perfect.


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