What is the value of news?

What is the value of news?

I like reading the NY Times site. And would even pay the “trial period” $1/week to subscribe. But after 4 weeks the rate goes up to to $35/month if you want to be able to read the articles on your computer, iPhone and iPad.

So I’ve been finding myself reading other news sites more.

Plus there is relatively easy access to any article even if you aren’t a subscriber. The NY Times only counts its 20 free reads/month if you click directly from their site. If you are referred from elsewhere, such as a news aggregator, it’s free.

For example, you can simply post the link to the article you want to read in a blog or elsewhere and click that link and you can read whatever you want – because you are referred from elsewhere.

It makes me feel like the $35/month isn’t worth it, especially with so many news aggregators (e.g. Zite, which is really great) giving you free access to the New York Times articles, and so many alternative news sources for free.

On the other hand, I don’t want the New York Times to disappear. It’s a valuable “newspaper of record” and their articles have more details than skimpy ones in, say, USA Today. I wish they could find a way to make it work with ads, but I guess with such huge overheads it’s difficult.

It’s hard to say these days what the “value” of news really is.

I have been thinking of unsubscribing from my local newspaper here in Tokyo, because I can read the same articles on my iPad.



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  1. Doug, You are technological smart. We get the Times and News day. Mimi reads it all. I read only News day, She is smarter then I am

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