Visit to the tax office 2021

I always file my Japanese taxes directly at the Katsushika city tax office. It’s possible to do it from home online, but honestly it’s so confusing I’d rather just go there and have the staff help me do it at a terminal.

This year, of course, things were different. Instead of long, crowded lines they strictly controlled admissions.

My reservation ticket, generated with the popular LINE app after making the tax office “a friend.”
The tax office itself was pretty quiet. They had closed the parking lots.
I showed them my LINE reservation and got my entry number after they took my temperature.
People waited outside for their number to be called.
Usually it’s lined up down the stairs and out the building, but today it was eerily quiet.
Upstairs in the processing area there were also no crowds, and people were kept separated.
Leaving after all done. 本日は大変お疲れ様でした。

There was the usual confusion about my application since I get paid from my American company in dollars and had a US W-2, but after calling over the expert it worked out in the end, as usual. I always bring the last few years’ filings with me so they can remember what they decided goes where.

Done for another year! Took a taxi there and back…

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