Virgin Birth Record Broken by Hotel Shark ( — 5 Comments

  1. Mon has no difficult environment but she could have a virgin birth and then I would say Mazel tov

  2. Well, I’m a doubting Thomas on this one. There are certain species of fish that are capable of changing their sex when duty calls. I have never heard that birds have this capacity. Therefore, Mon’s cage mate is either a female or impotent. Human/canine age relationship is 1/7. I do not know the human/bird age relationship. If he is too young for retirement, why not introduce a guaranteed male for a threesome? That is if you want lots of Indonesian sparrows flying around the house. Mon seems to be a very prolific egg layer. Archibal

  3. Mon’s cage mate, Hao, is definitely male. I just don’t think he is interested in Mon that way.It’s really hard to find a surrogate partner like that. And even if I could, the two males would probably fight.Anyway, I didn’t get Mon for breeding. I got her as a companion for Hao so he wouldn’t be lonely during most of the day while I’m working.doug

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