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Note: Here is a transcript of a support chat I just had with Verizon. After this I just gave up and used my bank’s bill pay to mail in a check for $3.49.



Your Question: I’ve been using online bill pay for 6 years, but 2 months ago it stopped working. Both Customer Service and Web Support are giving me run-arounds and not helping. I posted in the support forums and a moderator opened a support ticket where they gave me a link to this chat.

A Verizon Representative will be with you shortly. Thank you.

Agent Laura has joined. (11:41:21)

Laura : Chat ID for this session is 05201518491. (11:41:21)

Laura(11:42:01): Thank you Doug for using Verizon Social Media Support, my name is Laura. I will be your chat agent and apologize in advance for any inconvenience you are experiencing

Laura(11:43:07): Before we can proceed Doug, I need to verify the name, address, and telephone number that is associated with the account. This is standard Verizon policy and procedure to help secure your account and personal information.

Doug Lerner(11:44:04): The name is my mother’s name, Rita Lerner. The number is 617-xxx-xxx. It is installed in her room at her senior center at 1xxx Centre Street in Boston.

Laura(11:46:10): Thank you Doug, what is your relationship to Rita Lerner?

Doug Lerner(11:46:23): Are you asking me what my relationship is to my mother?

Laura(11:47:10): Thank you Doug, one moment while I secure and confirm the account.

Laura(11:54:00): Ok Doug we will have to create a Social Media Case for you and research this issue during the when our DSL customer service center is open.

This session will automatically timeout in one minute. Please respond.

Doug Lerner(11:54:47): What is a “Social Media Case”? And what does this have to to with DSL? This is an ordinary landline with no Internet services.

Laura(11:56:18): I apologize…the account is not DSL

Laura(11:56:29): It’s for a regular phone line.

Laura(11:56:40): At this time I do not have any access to your username and password.

Doug Lerner(11:57:01): Do you want access to my username and password?

Laura(11:57:12): We will have to contact the Customer Service during regular business hours to rectify this issue.

Laura(11:57:27): It’s nothing I would be able to do with it.

Doug Lerner(11:57:27): Will you be doing that?

Laura(11:58:08): My system does not allow me to change the password on regular copper accounts.

Doug Lerner(11:58:32): I will end the chat. Goodbye.

Your session is now closed.

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