Update from Shinkoiwa, Tokyo (calm and quiet)

It’s very quiet and calm in my neighborhood, without many people about. But basic things are running, like mail, garbage pickup, etc. Phone service seems improved. There seem to be fewer aftershocks today.

I went shopping to the neighborhood supermarket. It was open, but felt strange inside because the lighting was kept very dim to preserve power, and the shelves were mostly very low on supplies. It depended on what you were looking for. If you wanted fresh meat there was plenty. If you wanted things that last long, like canned foods or cup noodles the shelves were mostly empty. I thought of Soviet era stores while shopping.

The supermarket is imposing a limit of 1 two-liter bottle per household of any drinks: water, green tea, etc. The supplies were very low, but there were a few bottles of water so I took some. There were relatively few shoppers today. Basically it just felt very quiet and calm everywhere I went in my neighborhood.

I have plenty of supplies. It got very cold so I did turn on the heat in one room, but lowered the temperature a lot, and intend to turn it off and on so I’m only using it part of the time. My neighborhood still remains exempt from rolling blackouts for some reason, so since this all began 6 days ago I have been very lucky to keep my power and Internet connection going.


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