U.S. recommends larger evacuation radius

According to CNN and NY Times – for example


the U.S. is recommended an evacuation radius of 80 km from the Fukushima nuclear power plants, rather than 30 km, which is what the Japanese government is recommending.

Tokyo, where I am, is currently more than 3 times the distance the U.S. is recommended. Plus prevailing winds are towards the ocean right now. But as somebody said yesterday, “when you have to start worrying about the direction of prevailing winds maybe it is time to leave.”

I don’t know where to go though. I can’t leave the country right now, and winds could change at any time. Plus transportation (shinkansen, etc.) is erratic.

The other disturbing news is a conflict in reports. U.S. experts are saying the control rods in one of the reactors are completely uncovered. Tokyo Power denies it. The Japanese government is vaguely saying, “there is some water covering the rods.”

I’m just trying to get more information.



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  1. Thanks, Muttle and Mimi.There really is no place to go right now. I think it’s ok.doug

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