This and that – some recent photos

This is sort of a blog post about nothing at all, just to relax a bit. I like taking macro photos with my iPhone 13 Pro. Mostly flowers up close, but also other experiments. Night mode works great too. Here are some recent favorites.

Taken this morning, a teeny tiny bug you can barely see from a distance, on the wall of my neighbor’s house.
The back of my hand, up really close. Is that what you first thought when you saw this?
I take a lot of close-up flower photos. They turn out especially well.
A dragonfly I saw while taking a walk along the river. The up-close detail is interesting.
This is a “night mode” photo. There is barely any light in the room. You have to hold very still to take it. Pao didn’t want to get up, so I had to crawl into bed next to him. He ended up with 80% of the bed, and I got 20%.
This is also night mode, taken from my 3rd floor veranda on the night of the Japanese Tanabata Festival last week. I think I can see 8 stars or planets (some friends said they could see 10).

That’s all for now. Hope everybody is doing ok.

Oh, I decided, unless something bad happens, to take my planned September trip to Boston, with a side-trip to St. Louis. It was postponed 9 times (!) over the last three years. A lot of the rules have eased up. There is a possibility of being delayed in my scheduled return to Japan if my final covid test ends up positive, but I’ll just deal with that if it happens. So I look forward to seeing family and friends there for the first time in a few years.


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