There’s a new blog in town for the 2016 elections

Just for fun, during the 2016 election season, there is a new blog a couple of us created. I don’t want to overwhelm members of this blog with U.S. campaign posts, so I decided to give you a break this time around!

You can optionally opt-in and subscribe to the new blog by visiting Or you can just email me and ask to be added to the list.

I may post an occasional election-related post here, but most of such posts will be to the new blog. Here I can concentrate on the things most of my subscribers enjoy: articles about Japan, my Java Sparrows, photography, computers, culture, language, health and life in general.

The election posts will mostly go to So please visit and subscribe, especially if you like presidential and other politics in the long lead-up to the primary season and next year’s general election. Fair warning: it’s not an unbiased news site. And hopefully other people besides me will post. 🙂




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