The new Google Photos app is quite cool

I’m enjoying the new Google Photos app. In addition to unlimited storage for photos and videos, it has lots of interesting features, including search of photos by recognition – you don’t need to add descriptions. For example, I searched for “birds” and up popped Mon and Monta.

There is an “assistant” which automatically creates collages, effects and “stories” for your approval.

The unlimited photos are if you agree to 16 MP per photo and 1080 HD for videos. Very reasonable. If you have demands for higher resolutions than that it will still work but eat into your Google account quota. But if these sizes are sufficient, backups don’t count towards your quota. What could be better? 16 MP image resolution is higher than I can shoot anyway.

There are features to save space on mobile devices, and sync works very well.

It works on the web, in iOS and on Android.

This might be my photo backup and sharing feature app of choice going forward. It’s certainly a better bargain than Apple iCloud Photos backup.

Here is an example of a “story” it automatically created and notified me about. I elected to save it, and so I can share it. Take a look! Make sure to click the right-arrows to the end of the story.

Notice how it even agreed with me that Hachioji is not near Tokyo. 🙂

And no Google+ is required! They have separated from that.

I recommend giving it a try, even if just for backup.


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