The iPhone 6 Plus – that is one heavy iPhone! — 3 Comments

  1. I’m glad that you put that in perspective. I probably won’t get one since I just got my 5 at Christmas. My son however, is high as a kite along with the Apple fury that is going on right now. So in that aspect, he will end up with one at Christmas time. I don’t see the advantages in the IPhone + series. It is too big for a pocket, and that’s what most people like.
    We’ll have to see.

  2. According to the spec sheet my Samsung Galaxy S5 weighs 145 grams. But because I’m always a contender for the Worlds Biggest Klutz title I have it in an industrial strength Otterbox case that brings the weight up to 229 grams according to my kitchen scale. At first the weight (and additional thickness) was kind of an issue but at this point I don’t even notice it any more. Now when I handle my wife’s identical phone in a minimalist case it seems weirdly small.

    I suspect that if you do go with the larger phone that after a couple of weeks it will seem perfectly natural.

  3. You are probably right. My friend has a new Android Torque by Kyocera. He got it because of its ruggedness and the fact that it’s waterproof. It weighs the same as the iPhone 6+, and it doesn’t seem so bad. And the iPhone 6+ is much thinner. I wonder if it will even fit in my pocket though.

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