The first presidential debate – no game changer

I was not expecting a really major slam dunk from either side, and I think I was right.

I do think Obama missed some obvious counter-punches though on many fronts, and was surprised he didn’t attack on “the 47%” or Bain Capital issues or Romney’s incessant flip-flopping.

The general consensus in polls is that Romney won the debate. But that had to have been more on “style points” than on facts.

In fact, the fact checkers are now all over it (as will new Obama campaign ads) about all the lies Romney told during the debate. For example, Romney is actually backpedaling on his tax plan, saying his tax cuts don’t do what he’s been saying they do for 18 months now. This kind of flip-flopping is nothing new for Romney.

But it was really up to Obama to point that out during the debate! And people wonder why he held back so much.

Anyway, I don’t think there was a big game changer here. The polls were tightening up these last few weeks anyway, as they usually do this close to election day.

The Intrade market saw a sharp drop in Obama’s re-election chances – but from 74% to 65%. That’s not exactly the “game changer” Romney’s camp was hoping for.


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