The day has come – down 131 lb, under 70 kg — 12 Comments

  1. This is just wonderful. It is admirable to be able to change any large aspect of one’s life. I wish you continued success.

  2. A sincere congratulations! You have definitely claimed a spot among the inspirational WFPBers.

  3. Very awesome news! You look fantastic!!! Good for you to be able to take this journey in the most healthy way possible. Its not an easy task for a person to take on. However knowing how good you would have started to feel during this journey makes it just that easier to continue. I love that you want muscle back in your upper body. Life is truly a balance and eating whole foods, exercising your heart with your pup and doing some strength training with your own body weight combined with stretching will give you the longevity of life!! Well done Doug!!

  4. Reading this made me happy. Congratulations, well done. Have you also read “How not to Diet”? I’m a total fan of Dr Greger, and have learned many new things in this book.

  5. Yes, I also read his second book. I didn’t find it as informative as his first book, but I got a few hints from it.

  6. Fantastic! I’m happy for you!
    You are an encouragement mlto me and others! I need to lose 130 lbs or more myself! I’m hovering around the 300 lbs weight and having a former athletic GOD GIVEN body it is very hard fur me to lose weight because when I walk, I firm up the flab! Also, I have been stress eating a lot lately! My grown up daughter grown up two sons have a list if problems, especially my daughter! Also, my lady friend of almost 13 years is having a lot if medical problems, as well as, long time mental issues if almost 30 years! RECENTLY, at times I am Very Drained, emotionally, physically, mentally and spiritually! His can I lose the weight! I pray to GOD about it!

  7. Just make some healthy food choices and take it slowly. Time is passing whether you do this or not so you might as well do it and eventually get back into the shape you want!

  8. Just discovered your blog. Im about 18 days into my WFPB journey coming from a carnivore diet. Following starch solution as a base.

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  10. i just seen this, what a inspiration you are to me , thank you for your blog !!! i am sitting at 223 and struggle everyday.. i am so tired of being unhealthy and fat..

    your awesome and i hope even as of today , your doing GREAT =)

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