THE CIA STRIKES BACK – against Fox News’ fake “Benghazi-gate” — 3 Comments

  1. Bullcrap! Fox is the only network sharing the truth!!!!!! Fire Hillary, Vote Romney/Ryan!!!!!!!

  2. of course my reply is “awaiting moderation” My posts won’t be posted because this is a biased site!!!

  3. Kim, your reply was approved within 45 minutes of your posting. 🙂
    The only reason we do moderation the first time somebody posts is to prevent spam.
    You are welcome to vote for whomever you want. In fact, it’s a pleasure to get a post from someone who disagrees. Everybody agreeing would be boring.
    It does seem unlikely that only Fox is telling the truth, doesn’t it? Fox is clearly biased against Obama. You don’t see that at all?
    This site is biased against Romney, but this isn’t a news site. It’s a blog with opinions. So being biased here is fair. People have opinions.
    But with regards to Benghazi, Fox is just making up facts.
    Everybody is entitled to their own opinion, but nobody is entitled to their own facts.

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