THE CIA STRIKES BACK – against Fox News’ fake “Benghazi-gate”

From Politico’s Playbook. To all the gullible idiots who still get their information from Fox News and are buying into Fox’s attempts to pump up a last-minute fake “Benghazi-gate.”

“At one point during the consulate siege, Secretary of State Hillary Clinton telephoned the CIA director directly to seek assistance.”

–THE CIA STRIKES BACK I – N.Y. Times A4, “C.I.A. Played Major Role Fighting Militants in Libya Attack,” by Eric Schmitt : “Within 25 minutes of being alerted to the attack against the diplomatic mission, half a dozen C.I.A. officers raced there from their base about a mile away, enlisting the help of a handful of Libyan militia fighters as they went. … C.I.A. officers joined State Department security agents in a futile search through heavy smoke and enemy fire for Ambassador J. Christopher Stevens before evacuating the mission’s personnel to the apparent safety of their base, which American officials have called an annex to the mission. Mr. Stevens was one of four Americans killed in the attack.”

-THE CIA STRIKES BACK II — WashPost A1, “CIA rushed to rescue envoys in Libya siege,” by Greg Miller: “The CIA rushed security operatives to an American diplomatic compound in Libya within 25 minutes of its coming under attack and played a more central role in the effort to fend off a night-long siege than has been acknowledged publicly … The decision to give a comprehensive account of the attack five days before the election is likely to be regarded with suspicion, particularly among Republicans who have accused the Obama administration of misleading the public by initially describing the assault as a spontaneous eruption that began as a protest of an anti-Islamic video. U.S. officials said they decided to offer a detailed account of the CIA’s role to rebut media reports that have suggested that agency leaders delayed sending help to State Department officials seeking to fend off a heavily armed mob.”

–THE CIA STRIKES BACK III — “U.S. says CIA responded within 25 minutes to Benghazi attack,” by L.A. Times’ Ken Dilanian: “CIA security officers in a Benghazi post responded within 25 minutes to a call for help from a nearby State Department compound after it came under attack Sept. 11, officials said Thursday, seeking to refute a Fox News report asserting that CIA managers ordered them to stay put. In releasing a detailed timeline of CIA actions that night, senior intelligence officials have put aside long-standing concerns about revealing the extent of the agency’s presence in Benghazi in order to push back against what officials say are baseless allegations that aid was withheld. …

“Fox News asserted in a story last week that CIA managers had ordered agency security officers to ‘stand down’ and remain in their own facility, known as the Annex, when the attack on the diplomatic compound began about 9:40 p.m. and that there was an hour delay before officers disobeyed orders and went to help repel the attack that killed Ambassador J. Christopher Stevens and State Department officer Sean Smith. Among those who rushed to help was Tyrone Woods, a former Navy SEAL who was part of the CIA security team and who later died in the attacks.”


THE CIA STRIKES BACK – against Fox News’ fake “Benghazi-gate” — 3 Comments

  1. Bullcrap! Fox is the only network sharing the truth!!!!!! Fire Hillary, Vote Romney/Ryan!!!!!!!

  2. of course my reply is “awaiting moderation” My posts won’t be posted because this is a biased site!!!

  3. Kim, your reply was approved within 45 minutes of your posting. 🙂
    The only reason we do moderation the first time somebody posts is to prevent spam.
    You are welcome to vote for whomever you want. In fact, it’s a pleasure to get a post from someone who disagrees. Everybody agreeing would be boring.
    It does seem unlikely that only Fox is telling the truth, doesn’t it? Fox is clearly biased against Obama. You don’t see that at all?
    This site is biased against Romney, but this isn’t a news site. It’s a blog with opinions. So being biased here is fair. People have opinions.
    But with regards to Benghazi, Fox is just making up facts.
    Everybody is entitled to their own opinion, but nobody is entitled to their own facts.

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