The Big Earthquake – 10 years ago today — 5 Comments

  1. Yeah, it certainly brings back memories. I notice the newspaper is dated March 13, so it took them a full day plus change to get it out, but it looks like they did get a lot of information in it. I was outdoors, just ready to come home from visiting Kazuko in the hospital, and I was able to keep standing, but it was a very rocky are (foothill to Mt. Takao?) and I think your area is probably not so rocky, closer to the sea, and more in a direct line from the epicenter. Not sure about any of this, though, but I remember, like you, reassuring friends and relatives in the US via perfectly functioning internet.

  2. It was actually the delayed response of printed newspapers that finally caused me to unsubscribe and get all my news via the Internet going forward.

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