The 2nd night of Hanukah — 6 Comments

  1. High, Doug, I am very interested in Hanuka, but now know practically nothing about it’s beginning nor its development. My presumption is Christianity has similarities because of the nature of its origins. I start with a guess that Hanuka lasts for 8 or 9 days after counting the candle sticks with 1 plus 2 filled and 6 more to go. Are you willing to elaborate on each day’s happenings and meaning? I told you about our renting space at the Jewish complex of offices and auditorium near the Red Cross hospital. That is where Joi Ito taught us about how to use the first Apples on the market. I wonder if the people have regular church services like they do in Christian churches in the U.S.A? Anyway, this is, of course, an open question so. shoot it down at your pleasure. Dave P.S. I have re-opened the book you gave me on my 90th birthday to fascinating pages about the Jewish communities and the status of the people and their efforts to survive, sometimes in dangerous environments in the pre and up to 1919 period. dgf

  2. Doug, another look and I notice each candle has a different color. Would I be assuming correctly that each succeeding candle will be a different color? Dave

  3. Dave,Hanukah this year starts the evening of the 20th and ends the evening of the 28th. Candles are lit through the evening of the 27th. It’s an 8 day holiday, but on the Jewish calendar days start and end at sunset.The middle candle is just used to light the other candles.I think the 8 days is based on a “miracle” that is supposed to have occurred during some battle for something or the other and the barricaded forces only had enough light to last one evening, but for some reason it lasted 8 nights instead and this helped them survive.To be honest, I don’t believe that Hanukah has strong religious significance in the Jewish faith, and the only reason such a big deal is made out of it is because it usually (but not always) falls around Christmas. It definitely does not have the religious significance that Christmas has to Christians.There is a Jewish synagogue in Tokyo, but I’ve never visited.doug

  4. Dave,It depends on which color candles I have left in my box of candles. :)There is no significance to the colors.doug

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