Tech Talk: Taking another look at Firefox for Mac OS X

I don’t know where to talk about this, so I’ll do it here. Why not.

Lately I’ve been using Chrome instead of Safari for a couple of technical reasons (some things I don’t like in the latest Safari). But Chrome seems sort of buggy in some areas on the Mac. For example, streaming video playback is choppy on YouTube (even though Google owns it!), Hulu and Netflix, and some DOM elements display weirdly on some sites.

I didn’t want to go back to Safari, so I dusted off Firefox and took it for a test drive and… wow. Everything that doesn’t work well in Safari and Chrome seem to work great in the latest Firefox! Plus – the web developer features are fantastic. And Firefox looks visually very nice – certainly nicer than Chrome. And the documentation is more complete and easier to find. Anyway, I was impressed, because I hadn’t used Firefox as my main browser for so long.

I notice that this month Firefox is back to the #2 slot in overall browser use (IE is #1 and Chrome is now #3) though it seems to go back and forth between Firefox and Chrome.

I hope Firefox is here for the long term and doesn’t give up (like Thunderbird did?) to the huge corporations who control IE, Chrome and Safari.

What do you think? Which browser do you use?


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