Tech note – Comparing the speed of cloud storage solutions — 3 Comments

  1. I played with iCloud a little over the weekend and found it undercooked. Still pretty janky, but I’m glad Apple is moving that way. I like Dropbox, as it seems to be the most compatible with apps out there, but they are so stingy with the free drive space.

    Don’t forget when evaluating services to check their individual file size limit. To me that’s the hidden catch to some of the services. Sometimes it depends on what type of account you have. For instance, I think has a 250 MB per file limit for the free personal account. That’s ok for Word docs but might not work for media files.

  2. Yes, the individual file limits are important.

    For Microsoft OneDrive it’s 10 GB now. That’s the same as DropBox. I wonder how large Word documents and Excel spreadsheets can be.

    I believe you are correct about the 250 MB limit for Box for free accounts. GoogleDrive allows files up to 5 TB (!) in size. But for documents and presentations they are limited to 50 MB in size, and for spreadsheets to 100 MB.

  3. I’m thinking the upload speeds between DropBox and OneDrive aren’t really that different. I think the test I did used a cached version on DropBox to make it seem faster. However, OneDrive can’t do that same trick, even if it was a trick.

    I just did another test between the two with a different 23 MB movie file and in both services it took 26 seconds to upload.

    However, the shared movie link will play on DropBox and won’t play on OneDrive.

    OneDrive link:!805&authkey=!AHS7tEoWIeLVTpI&ithint=video%2cmpg

    DropBox link:

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